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In the framework of continuous development and the search for foreign expertise in the field of contracting, especially prefabricated buildings and the use of them and the transfer of prestress concrete technology and benefiting from the experience of applicants in the field, the company was founded engineering expertise for contracting and real estate investment in 2009 and has established its first factory For prefabricated buildings in the city of Benghazi on a plot of land of 60000 m 2, it is equipped with a factory of prefabricated concrete blocks with an area of 3600 m 2 and a factory for car bridges, pre-stressed concrete bridges with an area of 6000 m 2 and concrete mixer center type Mika Turkish industry with a capacity of 120 m3 / An area of 3000 m 2 and a workshop for the maintenance of machines with an area of 600 m 2 in addition to an administrative building consisting of 10 offices, a meeting hall and integrated facilities for the management of the company and a modern workers housing capacity of 200 workers and dining hall and integrated facilities.