Construction and Precast Services
Why are we using Precise technology and what are its advantages?
* Speed in achievement:
Construction projects are carried out very quickly while the foundations and infrastructure are being implemented. The building is constructed for the project in the factory, so the building is installed and finished quickly and easily for time.
* the quality :
The company has expertise in the factory of the precast concrete testing laboratory where it can carry out various structural and architectural tests of concrete mix designs and all stages of production to verify the required results Quality assurance system fully covers the control of all stages to include design, production and materials to achieve the highest efficiency.
* Economic Cost:
The short construction time contributes to the financial cost savings, high quality, durability, flexibility, aesthetic and high quality products.
* Cosmetic in architectural design:
The prefabricated construction allows prefabricated concrete to provide additional freedom for the designer, and the more precise the decoration, the better the pre-made pieces are, the more aesthetically pleasing to the building.
* High flexibility:
Precast concrete Precast concrete is used for any type of construction whether for residential, commercial, governmental, industrial, etc. Any structural or architectural form that can be implemented in a precast way, as well as gives wide areas between the columns and thus the freedom of design is very high.
* Durability:
The design strength of the concrete in the prefabricated parts is higher than the concrete cast on the site, which gives a high quality of durability.