Why Precast?
1. speed in the achievement
2. Quality
3. Economic cost
4- Making use of technology
5. High flexibility
6. Durability
7- Friendship of the environment
* Speed in achievement:
The projects are executed very quickly, at the same time as the foundations and the infrastructure of the site are implemented at the same time the building is built for the project in the factory, so the building was installed and finished quickly, easily and in record time without having to wait for the completion of the foundations.
* the quality :
The manufacturing process is subject to strict monitoring in standard conditions. The material in the manufacturing process is monitored and the quality of the concrete used in the laboratory is monitored with high accuracy and round the clock. The products are subject to strict inspection and verification of all details before and after the production process and before transfer to the work site. The factory where we can use all the chemical additives that enhance the quality of concrete so we can guarantee the highest quality.

* Economic Cost:
The short construction time, as well as the quantity of the largest production of the same number of labor compared to casting on site, as well as saving the cost of wood and concrete molds in the spot, contributing to the achievement of financial cost and high quality

* Benefit from technology:
The precast concrete allows for additional freedom for the designer, giving it wider options and greater spans. This gives it a great flexibility in design and gives it multiple options in designing concrete decorations that can not be matched with traditional methods. Facades and aesthetic touches on them

* High flexibility:
Precast concrete Precast concrete is used for any type of construction whether for residential, commercial, governmental, industrial, etc. Any structural or architectural form that can be implemented in a precast way, as well as gives wide areas between the columns and thus the freedom of design is very high.

* Durability:
The design strength of concrete in prefabricated pieces and reinforcing steel is higher than in the cast concrete on the site, which gives high quality and durability.

* Friendship of the environment:
Bricast technology is an environment-friendly technology where the building is produced in the factory and the work site is kept completely clean of any building material and any residue, where the building is transported and installed without leaving any residue
The bricast technology gives the building a high fire place, high resistance against earthquakes and high resistance to corrosion

*Pre-tensioning technology:
The prefabricated concrete method enables the use of pre-tensile technology used in the case of spans and high loads such as bar bridges, pedestrian bridges and large-distance arches used in enclosed gymnasiums, large meeting rooms, ceilings of more than 7 m, concrete gammons Which is more than 24 m, where the customer does not want the columns inside the building, is to avoid large distances without the need for columns